Unexpected Reward

~A HEART-WARMING STORY~ "Unexpected Reward

 " Ibn 'Aqeel رحمة الله عليه mentions : I once set out to perform Haj. In the blessed lands, I found a pearl necklace strung with a red thread. Close by, I heard a blind man announcing a reward of a hundred dinars for the person who returned it to him. I returned it and he requested me to take the reward, but I refused. I then left for Syria and visited Baitul Maqdis.

Enroute to Baghdad, I stopped at Aleppo, where I took refuge in a Masjid due to cold and hunger. Here I was ushered forward to perform the Salah. I later had a meal with members of the congregation. It was the first of Ramadan, and they said to me: "Our Imam has passed on and we would like you to lead us in prayer for the remainder of the month." I agreed. After a time, they mentioned to me that their previous Imam had a daughter of marriageable age. They suggested that I marry her and I agreed. After a year, she gave birth to our son, but fell critically ill immediately thereafter.

One day, I was sitting by her side and looked carefully at the necklace she was wearing. To my amazement, it was the very same necklace strung with a red thread I had found many years ago. I said to her, "This necklace has a story of its own," and I related the incident to her. Tears filled her eyes and she asked, "Are you truly the man who found it? My father would cry and make du'a' : 'O اللَّهُ, grant my daughter a husband like the man who returned this necklace to me.' اللَّه تعالي accepted his du'a." Soon thereafter, she passed away, and I inherited the necklace as part of her estate." ALLAHU AKBAR!

Moral: An honest person refuses to submit to the temptation of his base desires to take that which does not belong to him. His reward often comes to him later in life through unexpected channels.


  1. bang moerad ini ada terjemahannya ngga???

  2. :sup2:

    sebenarnya ceritanya sederhan tapi manis...:D

    seorang anak muda, menemukan sebuah kalung mutiara, belakangan diketahui Itu adalah milik seorang Tua Buta, yang akan menghadiahi uang bagi siapa saja yan menemukan kalung tersebut. Anak muda tersebut, mengembalikan kalung tersebut, tanpa mengambil hadiah dari orang Tua buta tersebut.

    menikahlah anak muda tersebut dengan Seorang gadis, anak seorang imam yang sudah meninggal, dan terkejutnya kalung yang pernah ditemukannya ada pada istrinya tersebut.

    ...ternyata oh ternyata, Orang Buta tersebut adalah ayah dari gadis yang dia nikahi,,,,Orang Buta (ayah dari gadis ini) dulu sempat berdoa, supaya anaknya dijodohkan dengan orang jujur seperti anak muda tadi, yang bersedia mengembalikan kalung permatanya tanpa mengharapkan imbalan :capedeh

    kira-kira gitu dah inti ceritanya Liyan.....maaf kalo ada yang keliru

    1. cerita yang manis bukan? :mewek

    2. oooooh.... gituu yaaa... benar-benar maniiiis :)
      hadiah yang manis memang untuk pemuda yang jujur seperti dia.
      Liyan mau kalungnya ah. :) :)

    3. Liyan mau kalungnya :capedeh

      tu klik kanan pada gambar, klik save image,,,dapet dah, gratis :ngacir

    4. Liyan mau kalungnya, mang moerad mau ceweknya.

      :ngakak Takut ditimpuk bang moerad :ngacir

    5. ane mau dua-duanya Ben



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