Abu Nawas and The King Aaron


Abu Nuwas is considered one of the greats of classical Arabic literature. ABU NAWAS is considered funny character, but it is considered also as a prominent cleric, Sufi. He was born on in Ahwaz 750M-819M years and died in Baghdad. 
and now i will share the STORY OF ABU NAWAS and The King Aaron, like always it was a funny story from ABU NAWAS, i hope you like it.

Long time ago, in the kingdom of king Aaron, Abu Nawas was invited to the king’s dinner. He was very glad and felt honored. He went to the palace in his best clothes. A servant welcomed him and showed Abu Nawas to his seat. Then, all ministers came and sat on their chairs. The last person entering the room was the king. He sat on his special big seat.

On each plate, there was delicious roast chicken. Its smell made people hungry. After praying, the king invited all people to eat. Abu Nawas took his fork and knife. He wanted to cut his chicken. Suddenly the king stopped him, ‘Wait Abu!’. ‘What’s Your Majesty?’ asked Abu.
‘Whatever you do to your chicken, I will do that to you too,’ said the king.
‘What’s Your Majesty,’ Abu replied.
‘For example, if you cut the chicken’s wing, I will also cut your arm.’ The king said.

Abu Nawas looked sad and disappointed. But it was not long. Soon his face looked very bright. Suddenly he put down his fork and knife. Then he pinched the chicken’s wing. The king was surprised. He didn’t think Abu would do that. But he could not deny what he had said. So he pinched Abu arm.

Next, Abu patted the chicken’s back. The king also patted Abu’s back. After that, Abu massaged the chicken’s wings. The king, reluctantly, also massaged Abu’s arm. All ministers wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare. They just looked down their plates.
After some time, the king stopped massaging Abu. He patted Abu’s shoulders. ‘All right Abu, you eat you chicken now!’ said the king while grinning. ‘Thank you Your Majesty,’ said Abu happily. ‘You are able to escape from my punishment,’ said King Aaron with his mouth full of food. At that time, the king looked amused. He felt satisfied with Abu. Some ministers smiled and laughed a little. Abu didn’t really care about it. He was enjoying the roasted chicken very much. There were more food and laughter during the rest of the party. All were very much happy


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